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Get Involved

Make Your Mark


Help conserve your towns heritage assets

There are dozens of organisations and charities which have a remit to preserve and enhance our listed buildings, open spaces and conservation areas for the benefit of future generations. By joining them or volunteering your time or skills you can help your neighbourhood, street, town or city in the conservation of not just burgage plots but the historical infrastructure of our ancient habitations

Share your stories and research

Let people know what you know. It could be stories your grandparents told you, local legends, solid historical research or old photographs or postcards which needs a digital home so others can share. Historic England are keen to hear from you to see what you may have done as an act of "Everyday Acts of Heritage"

Be vigilant!

With increased pressure on planning departments it is up to all of us to alert our councils to acts of heritage vandalism, to object to planning applications that harm heritage assets and their setting. Let neighbours know, let the papers know and spread the word. Engage with your local heritage societies and make them aware of things that don't seem right.

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